Monday, August 6, 2012

Mini Haul

How long has it been since I've done a haul? I have to say, that I'm pretty impressed of not going shopping for a quite long time now. I also sorf of changed my style for more casual and classy, as I used to be intrested in more grunge and vintage stores.
As Im not the high school student anymore, I feel more free with combining my outfits. In London unfortunately we have those really rigorous unifrom rules, but happily its all over now. 
I cant wait to start a new year in sixth form, it seem almost like an adventure, but finally I will be able to attend the
only subjects that I'm intrested in.

Anyway, lets get started with my mini Haul :) Hopefully I will be able to buy a little bit more of summery items, because
soon, most of the stores will be preparing for autumn and winter.

I also realised I should start sharing my outfits of the day a little bit more often.

Skirt from Primark

Body from H&M

Dress from Topshop

Skirt from H&M

High Waisted shorts from Topshop

Have a great day xoxo

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