Monday, July 30, 2012

Vintage & Vans

Heyy guys, finally I found a little bit of time to update the blog, and I'm actually really excited. Few days ago I've been looking at many different pictures on tumblr, where girls mixed vintage, skate and classy styles all together.
Even though i skate alot, no one could really convince me to start wearing vans, I'd rather wear etnies or other skate brands.
Well, yesterday I went to the Vans store with my friends, and i fell in love with Biking Red Vans. Literally! :-)
I love the colour, and how they matches perfectly with almost everything you wear. I just couldnt resist it.

Another item I have purchased yesterday, are these pretty grey jeans with that cute floral pattern. They are perfect for summer and even the autumn. I can't wait to try them on. 

Monday, July 9, 2012

Delicious ♥

Hey guys ! So here is a photoshoot from our breakfast that we had today. It was simply delicious :-) 

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Little Mac Haul

Hey guys ! :-)
I haven't been updating my blog for a quite long time, because i had soo much things going on during this month ! My friends finally came over, and I've never been that happy before, like I am now. This week had been really fun, luckily we still have one more left ! :)
So here are the picture of two products from MAC, that i bought, and so far i could recommend them to everyone. They are amazing, trust me, especially mac mineralize skinfinish. 

And here I got also a free mascara. I havent used it yer, but I've heard that it gives a great volume to your eyelashes. 

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Hello Summer!

Hello lovies, summer its finally here. Finally the weather in Londin gets better and better everyday, and a little bit of rain can also made your day. So today, I went for a little shopping, just to get some new jewelry before my friends arrive. I cant believe that, this year has gone soo fast, i remember myself last summer, waiting for this holidays to come. Its amazing :-)
But now, I have time for myself and I don't have to worry about school or anything else, at least now i can read some of my favourite books instead of Biology.

Here are some pictures of items, that I bought today.

Hope you had a great weekend xo